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What our clients had to say about us:

"Being in private practice for the past 15 years, placing dental implants, performing complex full-mouth reconstructions, or simple crown and bridge; it is rare unfortunately to find and to work with a very capable and talented RDT as Alex Chabachevich.

He has a special eye for detail and intricacies that very few technicians possess. Further he is an amazing and caring person."

Best Regards,
Alex Moskovitz D.D.S.


"Pro-Esthetics gives the personal and quality service I require to produce superb restorations for my patients.

Alex provides excellent support in our office or at his dental lab. He has helped our office to grow and is an important member of our team."

Dr. Chang


"Not many labs can provide:
- good service and
- high professionalism and
- needed assistance, advice and
- knowledge, understanding of what esthetics really means and ability to master esthetics with function;

All of the above, I have found in Pro-Esthetics Dental Laboratory and I am grateful to the people who are helping me build my success by consistently creating the best."

Dr. L. Rakhinshteyn


"I have been working with Alex for 4 ½ years, Alex has become a valuable part of my practice as well as a good friend. His attention to detail and perfection follows my philosophy. It is also very important to me that Alex is always available and attentive to me and my patients. Equally important, is that Alex continuously upgrades his knowledge in materials and techniques.

Alex is very professional and I highly recommend his business to anyone who is looking for an outstanding dental lab."

Dr. Nana Sogomonia