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Ortho Appliances, Night & Sport Guards

We will be pleased to fabricate any appliance to meet with your personal requirements. Whether you need study models, retainers, removable appliances, fixed appliances or a splints Pro-Esthetics Dental Lab…is your Orthodontic Specialist.

Transparent thermo-elastic acrylic is hard at room temperature, but softens at body temperature. During initial wearing, it is necessary to place the appliance in hot tap water to soften before seating, as it cools, the appliance contracts and tightly grips the teeth - an excellent advantage for rotating or tipping teeth.

(Night Guards) can be used very successfully as an appliance for Bruxism, a night retainer following orthodontic correction or as a retainer for surgical packs, splints, etc.

  • Ideal for tooth protection in all contact sport
  • Used widely as a corrective device
  • High elastic memory
  • Light & Strong
  • Fits snugly & comfortable

Sport Guards:

  • Oxygen- for maximum performance and endurance.
  • Speech- for clear communication on the field.
  • Comfort- natural and secure fit
  • Protection- maximum impact dispersion and protection against tooth damage.
  • Professional Fit- made for a perfect fit to any size mouth
  • Cool styles & colors!- with optional break-off strap.